Plant Health Care

We believe that landscape management should be a balanced process. Whenever possible, we seek to rely less on harsh chemicals, and instead use cultural and biological alternatives. Our fertilizer programs are geared toward establishing a healthy soil environment, as opposed to high nitrogen programs that eventually rob the soil of the micro-organisms that help trees and other plants receive nutrition. When you want a tree expert who will truly care for your trees, give Arbor Art a call.


Our Plant Care Director
Nancy Schuch, Plant Healthcare Specialist, came on board with Arbor Art Tree Care in March 2007. Nancy is a graduate of Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Plant Science and a concentration in Ornamental Horticulture. She is licensed with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as a Restricted Pesticide Applicator and is certified in Commercial Pesticides (TN #74852). Professionally, she offers educational experience to Arbor Art as a TSU graduate assistant in growth regulation and plant measurement. Her professional implementation has included Greenhouse Management, Assistant Grower, and Retail Management in Specialty Gardening. Nancy brings 13 years of applied education and plant science experience to the Arbor Art team.