Tree Rescue

Recently, a client called us to remove a tree she believed was in danger of toppling. She was selling her home in Green Hills and didn't want the tree to hamper the sale.

Upon arrival, we found the tree had split down most of the main stem, and it had obviously been this way for some time, due to the callus around the wound. The tree stood within 10-15 feet of the house and could cause a lot of damage if it fell. Many companies will suggest removal of trees in this condition, but we thought we could save it. We convinced her to save the tree to enhance her property value.

For this beautiful old walnut we performed a crown reduction to reduce the weight on the main stem. In addition, we installed a high strength steel cable system for mitigation. We were able to preserve the tree, for a price less than removal. Nor did we damage the yard with equipment tracks and divots. Most importantly, keeping the tree enhanced the property value, which pleased our customer of course.

Let Arbor Art care for your trees. We will provide an expert opinion and try to save your trees. For safety, service and expertise you'll find no company more capable than Arbor Art Tree Care.