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2016: Confirmed in Davidson County. These pests are predicted to kill over a billion trees as they spread. They have carved a wide swath from Canada to Tennessee already.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Agrilus planipennis, attacks only ash trees. It is believed to have been introduced into Michigan 15 to 20 years ago on wood packing material from Asia. Since then, the destructive insect has been found in numerous states including Tennessee. Typically, the emerald ash borer beetles can kill an ash tree within three years of the initial infestation.

The larvae (the immature stage) feed on the inner bark of ash trees, disrupting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. Adults are dark green, one-half inch in length and one-eighth inch wide, and fly only from April until September, depending on the climate of the area. In Tennessee most EAB adults would fly in May and June. Larvae spend the rest of the year beneath the bark of ash trees. When they emerge as adults, they leave D-shaped holes in the bark about one-eighth inch wide.

Emerald Ash Borers WILL KILL every Ash tree that is not treated.

TDA officials urge area residents and visitors to help prevent the spread of EAB:

-Don’t transport firewood, even within Tennessee. Don’t bring firewood along for camping trips. Buy wood from a local source. –Don’t bring wood home with you.
-Don’t buy or move firewood from outside the state. If someone comes to your door selling firewood, ask them about the source, and don’t buy wood from outside the state.
-Watch for signs of infestation in your ash trees. If you suspect your ash tree could be infected with EAB, refer to the EAB Symptoms Checklist and online EAB Report Form to alert state plant and forestry officials, or call TDA’s Consumer and Industry Services Division at 1-800-628-2631.


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I had a tree fall on my shed and partly on the second story roof of my neighbors beautiful home. My main concern was removing the tree without damaging my neighbors roof, gutter and/or side of his house.
Arbor Art Tree Care was highly recommended by a trusted friend who’s in the property management business. I took the recommendation and called Arbor Art Tree Care, Inc and spoke with Liv. Liv put me at ease by answering the phone and understanding my concerns, she then directed me to the owner, Mr. Dean Glascock.
Mr. Glascock drove out to my property, assessed the problem, then called to explain the removal process in great detail. Mr. Glascock’s company promptly had the tree beautifully removed from my shed and from my neighbors home without any damage whatsoever. My neighborhood was amazed with the quick response, removal and clean-up that Arbor Art Tree provided. Their high standards and work ethic did not go unnoticed while working on the property and removing the tree from two structures. I’m extremely grateful for the caring knowledge and professionalism Arbor Art Tree provided to my household and to my neighbor. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of tree care, whether the tree is standing or not.
Thank you Arbor Tree Care Inc, You are appreciated.

YvetteVia Google

Dean, I have determined you must be a good boss. Your crew yesterday and today were awesome! You surround yourself with good people. Just like yourself! Thanks so much!

S. Miller

Professional and more than fair on price. Mr. Glasscock treaded my my dad with the utmost respect.

StephenVia Google

Pleasure to deal with and very professional.

GregVia Google

Their crew is highly professional, arrived with all the necessary tools and performed the removal of my sick maple quickly. Left the area clean and with no trace of damage. Also communication with them is very easy and straightforward, definitely felt like a cared for customer than just another job. Would definitely recommend them and will be using their services for future tasks.

JulioVia Facebook

Very professional team. Every step of the process was handled perfectly. From the free consultation, communication, and then having a tree removed and some pruning. Also, very affordable. Arbor Art will be our go to for tree service.

RandyVia Facebook

The folks at Arbor Art have taken great care of our trees for the last 4 years. Dean is the expert on tree care, and his people are all totally professional. I plan to use them indefinitely.

ClarkVia Facebook